Senator Byron Dorgan Chaired the Commerce NFL hearing.

We thank Sen. Dorgan (and his wonderful staff) for his interest and diligence in his preparation,

and we have all the confidence in the world he will follow through with

what his investigation uncovered.

Senator Reid and others are surely willing to step up and bring justice if others waffle.

Rest assured, we have no shortage of Senators ready to

protect your rights and give you back your Dignity.


send in your pictures!

and your own horror stories of dealing with this system

please email ASAP to bboyd62@aol.com



DAF Proudly Welcomes

to the DAF Family


Welcome DRLC to the DAF Family




Brent Boyd would like to thank the prestigious SLI and Chris Nowinski for adding Brent to the Board as an Athlete Advisor

Please check the SLI  site, dealing with sports concussions

Please support Chris and the SLI


                                                         Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., is still looking

                                                         for answers from the NFL and the NFLPA.


Brent Boyd, Mike Ditka,and Harry Carson

testify before Congress in June 2007. Thanks for the dignity provided by Coach

Ditka and Harry Carson, and Curt Marsh, in their testimonies.



we are close to winning, please support DAF so we can help finish the job. DAF has been amongst the leaders in this fight, and our voice and message is being heard by the right people.

Just look at the tremendous gains we have made in the past months. We have to continue, we have to get PENSIONS drastcially improved and disability to all who need it.

please send even small donations to:

Dignity After Football

10580 N. McCarran Blvd


Reno, NV 89503


we are about to put them away and finish this with a great victory, please help us keep the pressure on and "shine the light of truth" on the problems




DAF supports ADAWatch and other disability advocacy groups,

and seeks a mighty coalition that will benefit both sides.



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