Dignity After Football is the organization whose purpose is to help guide and resolve the problems found in the benefits, disabilities, and pension organization of the NFL.
Currently, Congress and the government action agencies are requiring the NFL to comply with resolving the benefits and pensions program that has serious flaws in their process to support disabled and retired players.


July 8, 2009

Dignity After Football Summer Letter series



.                             Bob's gracious letter shows how wrong doubters in NFL/NFPA or anywhere else  are that retirees are permanently divided---we just have brotherly fights...but, we are united in mind to fight for and win the benefits the heroes who built the NFL deserve...and DIGNITY!

Thanks for this contribution, Bob                                

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Feel free to publish this.   Sometimes when brothers have an argument or disagreement a scuffle breaks out.  That does not mean that they love or care for each other any less than before. It's sometimes maybe nothing more than disagreeing on which Drive-In-Movie you are going to go to on a double date since you only have one car for the evening.  

There is no disagreement between my friend and Brother Brent Boyd and myself on what we want for Retired Players. Brent did not want the 2009 summit to become a coronation for any Group or individual and he and I just had differences on how we should go about stopping that from happening.  

I am a pretty aggressive fighter but Brent is in his own way also. My wife called our disagreement "a silly school yard fight between friends." I can be a pretty mean and aggressive fighter at times but my intent is always to win for Retired Players.

  Brent, keep up the good work that you are doing.

I am still a friend and support you.  

Bob Grant

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