“DIGNITY AFTER FOOTBALL” is an organization committed to giving a voice to past heroes of the NFL and to finally restoring dignity to the lives of thousands of disabled and under-pensioned former players. We are working with Congress and hopefully current players. We plan to emulate, unite with, and compliment Bruce Laird's Fourth and Goal and Gridiron Greats ; (don't forget the new DavePear.com) to help them carry the load, and to move our cause forward in new ways.

We have heard from you fellow retirees loud and clear, we will give you a rallying banner and public forum for thousands of yet-unheard from former players, especially in the western half of the U.S.  



To “SHINE THE LIGHT” on the problem the NFL pays millions a year to keep in the dark, the suffering of the men who built the league. The one thing the NFL cannot endure is the light of day shining on their shady benefits operations! The best way to shine the light is to keep telling our truths, tell ALL our stories en masse. DAF will be a grass roots effort, encouraging local chapters and your own activity with legislators and media.

Too many men are suffering today, the NFL’s “Delay, Deny, and Hope We Die” strategy is not just a motto, it is the truth. DAF seeks to find the quickest solution to this problem, to reverse unjust disability claims denials. And to dramatically increase pensions that are below poverty level.

Dignity After Football!!!!


To Player Reps Executive Committee leaders:

Now your illustrious union leader is telling you, that you are better off if newly drafted players who have never played a down in the NFL are paid more than you proven established performers.  A rookie, Jake Long, is now the highest paid offensive linemen in the NFL. That is absurd. That also illustrates how contorted and absurd your union leadership is. The draft is illegal. The draft is the most egregious NFL antitrust violation. How can the union make agreements for college athletes that it is illegal for the union to represent and who the union in fact does not represent? Or why is the union representing retired players to their detriment (a best effort $1.63 per day benefit increase) when the union admits it is illegal for the union to represent those retired players?

ALOHA, NFLPA  President Kevin Mawae makes $3.5 million a year while Jake Long will make $57 million over the next 5 years that’s $10.1 million a year with a $30 million guaranteed. Since Upshaw has so cleverly set you up Mawae, you should at least make a couple dollars more than what an unproven rookie like Jake Long is getting, right?

The idea that rookies should be leading the way to higher contracts is laughable as are most of the NFLPA’s convoluted machinations. “The more corrupt the State (or the union) the more numerous the laws.” Cornelius Tacitus

Upshaw talks about negotiating contracts like he is some expert negotiator, but he doesn’t even negotiate his own contract; Tom Condon his agent does it for him. Upshaw hasn’t negotiated a contract, since before Tom Condon negotiated with Tom Condon for Upshaw’s contract when Trace Armstrong was President of the union and Tom Condon was both Armstrong’s and Upshaw’s agent, so he negotiated Upshaw’s contract with himself.  Was that a conflict of interest or just another unethical Upshaw contortion?

Players should be paid 1) for winning and 2) for individual performance without regard for seniority or anything else. Football is a team sport with winning the Championship being the ultimate goal, for your team and its followers. Whoever is playing and producing victories should get paid the most, not the guy with the best agent or who was drafted the highest.  You guys be sure to follow your double speaking fuzzy Grantor Trust, Retention Bonus pumped $10.4 million plus $10 million in deferred compensation using clever accounting “secret side letters” and a manipulated 21% Players Inc Hypocritical Overpaid union leader. If you don’t keep Upshaw et al milking your union an owners “mushroom cloud” will make you all disappear in 2009.


Fact: Hypocritical Union Leaders Overpaid
AFL-CIO report neglects its own exorbitant executive compensation

Washington, DC – Today, the Center for Union Facts (CUF) called on union leaders to stop their hypocritical attack on American business. The AFL-CIO’s new “Executive Paywatch” report, which highlights the salaries of corporate executives, conveniently forgot to include the excessive pay of its own leadership.

To help the AFL-CIO complete their report the CUF is making available information regarding union officials’ bloated salaries in 2005.

  • §                        The Plumbers paid former General President Martin Maddaloni $1.3 million in total compensation, and Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Patchell almost $900,000 – after they were ousted for disastrous pension investments in a Florida hotel. According to the Association for Union Democracy, the buyout agreement included “salaries and benefits plus free use of cars and other perks through the end of 2006.”
  • §                        AFSCME President Gerald McEntee recorded total compensation just shy of $585,000.
  • §                        General President of the Laborers Terence O’Sullivan made more than $528,000.
  • §                        National Education Association President Reg Weaver made almost $439,000.
  • §                        The presidents of unions for players in the National Football League and the National Basketball Association made more than $1 million each. The NFL union head, Eugene Upshaw, made $2.4 million. Moreover, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb received $900,000 from his AFL-CIO affiliated union as a player representative.

CUF Executive Director Richard Berman said, “While stockholders always have the option of showing their dissatisfaction with salary issues by dumping their stock, union executives have made it virtually impossible for a union member to escape paying for high salaries and perks through mandatory dues.”

To learn more visit: www.UnionFacts.com. For further information or to arrange an interview please call Sarah Longwell at (202) 463-7106.

The Center for Union Facts is a non-profit organization supported by foundations, businesses, union members, and the general public. We are dedicated to showing Americans the truth about today's union leadership. For further information or to arrange an interview please call Sarah Longwell at (202) 463-7106.

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