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Nov  16, 2008


Attached is the smoking gun scrambling email.

Ron Katz"


NFL Retirees, your wives and loved ones,

In an ongoing effort to give Dignity After Football the honor of giving you the most complete, accurate information re: the SF trial pitting retired NFL Players v NFLPA/Players Inc., here is today's installment from Ron Katz. More to come...

This is the evidence that lead plaintiff attorney Ron Katz feels may be the most significant evidence in our favor--the evidence that clearly proved the NFLPA's intent to keep you retirees from earning your due money and keeping it for their own lavish lifestyle.

The "smoking gun" as Katz calls this letter, it is a letter from LaShun Lawson of Players Inc to the video game makers, Electronic Arts (EA- makers of Madden games)

Remember, "Players Inc" and the "NFLPA" are one and the same; Players Inc is merely a marketing arm, a subsidiary of NFLPA  to raise more money for Upshaw and the recipients of his legendary "swag".

This letter prevents EA from using "real" retired players, and to instead 'scramble" their identities. Although there are 143 vintage teams on Madden games, as opposed to only the  32 current teams, the intention was to pay only current players who would then, in turn, use those earnings to pay Upshaw and their union dues for NFLPA.

But to anyone playing as, say, the 1966 Packers- they knew it was Herb Adderly that they were pretending to be,--- for the 1989 49ers everyone was Joe Montana, etc. and so on.

so here below is the "smoking gun" according to the lead attorney...the letter begins just below here....


Brent Boyd




May 31,2001

Jeremy Strauser
Electronic Arts - Tiburon
2301 Lucien Way, Suite 395
Maitland, FL 3275 1

Dear Jeremy:

The following is a detailed explanation of the approved use of retired players for
the upcoming video games per our discussion at E3. The Addendum that was signed last
July was a three year Agreement that granted Electronic Arts the right to use the images
and identities of the players listed in Attachments A and B (both documents were sent
with the Addendum). For all retired players that are not listed in either Attachment A or
B, their identity must be altered so that it cannot be recognized. Regarding paragraph 2 of
the pending License Agreement between Electronic Arts and Players Inc, a players'
identity is defined as his name, likeness (including, without limitation, number), picture,
photograph, voice, facsimile signature and/or biographical information. Hence, any and
all players not listed in Attachment A or B cannot be represented in Madden 2002 with
the number that the player actually wore, and must be scrambled.

Along those same lines, the only active players that can be included in the
licensed product, are those players who have given their licensing rights to Players Inc.
Substituting a players name with their jersey number is not acceptable. If a player has not
given his rights to Players Inc, his identity, as defined above, cannot be used within the
game. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact me at (202) 496-


LaShun Lawson
Assistant Vice President

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