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Roger Goodell Question Survey 2009

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Survey Scope: 1 Questions. 46 responses

Survey Launched:  1/11/2009 6:14 PM

Survey Closed: 1/14/2009 9:27 AM

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Survey Question

If you could attend this meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL retirees in Newport Beach, Ca, Jan. 14, 2009--what would you say?

will you get rid of the NFL retirement/disability board voting members and fire Groom Law Group?
I am attending and do not want to tip them off.
I'm a explayer who is still able to work but there are plenty of my brothers who are cleary disable from the game we love so much. what are you going to do for these players who help to make this game what it is today.
Please, become educated to the long term damage of real head trauma.It is devestating,and greed,or ignorance will someday bring down the mighty NFL if you continue to lie to John Q. Public. My husband played in the 40' and is dead so one less to think about. But, the truth will come out. Just take care of those that made the hits that made the NFL, the owners, and the "new boys" rich and powerful. Help in the form of plan 88 was too late for us and I pray no other wife has to have that happen to her. Thank you and remember to be a real MAN that stands up for what is really right.
What is you feeling on the importance of the Anti Trust exemption for the owners?
daf intends to file a civil rights discrimination/anti trust class action lawsuit on behalf of several thousand neglicted retired players!!!!!!
Why aren't contracts guaranteed for players that are vested?
We've ruined our health as a direct result from our jobs. Can the nfl work on getting us access to affordable health care?
Doctors have medical ethics that require thier honesty. Why aren't NFL retirees allowed to pick their own doctor that knows thier family history to fill out the AMA guidelines regarding all forms of disability?
How will the NFL insure that retired players are well represented by the NFLPA union and retirement-related issues are resolved?
Why ;can't we be on the same page a the Present day players as far as the Pension goies. I mean $475.00 a Month times the number of years played and build the factor in on retirement age. This is easily done and it could be more. Preston
I would liuke to see the NFL management take over the contributions to the pension funds and make it fair to all current players and retired players. We should all receive the same amount. There is enough money to go around. Take care of the individual who continuew to brand the game for you in the communities of which you have teams and communities where yopu are not representatived. What would you throw such an special group of branding under the bus. The retired player can keep the NFL wholesome. Something the current players are having a difficult time doing. Conrad dobler
I would like to have Roger Goodell respond to each question that DAF survey asked with his own response.
We need a better relationship between the active and retired players and it would be helpful if we were represented in the NFLPA. This would let the active players reps understand us so much better. We are not begging for money or trying to cut into their pensions, we just would like them to understand the formation of this union and what we all scrificed to get it going, with little money and lots of guts.
If our pensions were adequate, we would not have retired players unable to afford insurance.
Dick Bielski 1953-1963
Why does the NFL continue to do as little as possible for the retirees? Why are retiree problems insignificant to you? Can't you see that countless head concussions have caused horrific damage to these former players and yet you continue to deny playing football has anything to do with head concussions. Please explain.
What does he think needs to be done to better foster relationships between present and former players?
Can anything be done to rectify retired players'ill conceived decisions to take pension retirement benefits as early as 45 and who consequently have vitually no benefits, literally, for example, 150 to 200 dollars per month, after age 62? I am sure players who erroneously opted for early retirement were not even aware of how their decisions to do so would constrict so severely their pensions later on in their lives when they most likely would need their benefits more than ever to be as meaningful as possible.
It's time to stop talking and do sometime about the lousy pention.
I would want to know how and what he proposes to do to improve our pension. We sacrificed our health to some extent and yet our pension is poor by any standard.
Retirees should be in charge of their own futures and benefits. How do we accomplish this?
Would you, Mr. Goddell, hold a meeting with all the owners and discuss our issues on pension and disability improvement so that a new plan can be designed to match that of the MLB?
equitable pension increase/disablity for over 55 vets
Why do the NFL and the NFLPA continue to fight the retired NFL players regarding their disability and their pensions? There is so much money in the NFL pockets. Why are you all so greedy? It would be like a drop in the bucket to fully fund these players, but it would mean the world to them and to their families. I hope and pray that you never have to live your life as these men do, and please do not sit there and think that it could never happen to you. These men were intelligent and ambitious men until foodball took their lives from them. It could happen to you through accident or illness. Remember that God does not discriminate, and he commands that we help each other. I think you should read your bible if you are interested in your afterlife.
Thank you for having this meeting. What is the purpose of this meeting? What will you discuss? Can the NFL bargain with the Retired Players as a separate union entity?
pension benefit increase
Will you make a commitment on behalf of The League to address and possibly act on the issues heard here today?
The first thing that I would say would be, don't stop the wives from expressing their opinions in the meetings.Bring our pension up to the other sports. Give us medical coverage free, because pain can be treated but it is too costly.
why are we not given medical help at a better cost?
If we had retirement benefits that improved with cost of living, we would not need to access dire need funds.
If we had retirement benefits that allowed us to actually retire and mend, we would not need special programs for short temporary bailouts of poverty.
If our union money was used to facilitate and manage disability programs instead of pay lawyers to fight us, we not have to sue our own union.
If we had medical insurance after the game, we would live longer and healthier.
If the union shared the royalties equaly, all players would have additional funds to use in retirement and pay for medical treatments.
Why are widows asked to fill out a form every year asking them if they have remarried or not and if the answer is yes, their benefits will then be stopped? Why are women being asked to choose between money or the honorable institution of marriage?
The Disability and Pension approval process needs to be changed and improved
now which includes going back and reviewing ALL denied disability and pension requests. What will you do to implement a change?
When the NFL is the #1 revenue generating professional sport in the country and the most dangerous, why does it continue to ignore the needs of the former NFL players, be it disability claims, insurance, and pension benefits that are 1/3 of what former NBA and MLB veterans receive?
Considering the fact that professional football is the most violent team sport on the planet why does it provide the worst pension plan among the big three team sports?
Why doesn't the league care about one and two year players ?
I played with the NFL for one year but had to leave due to a serious injury but I worked with the NFL draft for many many years. What can you do for me as far as benefits?
Pre 1959 players need help , at least a cost of living allowance!!!!!

Has anyone looked into partnering up with MD's located in NFL Franchise cities that would form a team of MD's to provide pro bono basic care for NFL retirees that have...say at least 5 years in the league?
There have to be MD's that would love to participate in a program like this that would benefit players and quite frankly
the league.
It would be a great way to "start somewhere" .


Jeff Rohrer
Please make the NFL pension commencerent with baseball.
When will next pension raise be?
Are you ever going to improve pensions?
Initiate program to upgrade pension benefits for surviving veterans on par with current NFL benefits. Charlie Hennigan, Houston Oilers -1960-66
What is your opinion of offering an orthopedic-only insurance policy to vested retired players, paid for by league revenues.
You and Gene Upshaw said that if any of the retired NFL players were collecting Social Security because of an injury sustained while playing in the NFL, then the NFL would be willing to pay disability benefits for that injury. Are you going to hold true to this statement? If so, what is needed, and how do we apply for it?

Would you please have a cost analysis done to revise the retirement benefits for those currently over 55? All we have been told is it is not economically feasible- but it would take an actuarry about 15 minutes to disclose the cost so we could all know what is or is not feasible.
re:Alliance. as you know, retirees are extremely disappointed in the actions and output of this so-called Alliance. However, eyewitnesses say that you and especially Upshaw vetoed nominations for a couple true advocates to be invited into the group- Brent Boyd and Bernie Parrish were turned down by Upshaw- the quote from some Alliance members was "S#%t No!" from Upshaw. If you control which retired players take part in the Alliance- don't you then control the voting that occurs from then on? Isn't this a tainted group, picked by you and the people who know and can illiterate the issues are not allowed anywhere near the Alliance meetings, guys who know the issues inside and out are "not needed"? this explains the weak programs to come out of this PR-only Alliance. When can we expect REAL actions on your part? Get rid of the retirement board as over 99% said in the DAF survey; get rid of Groom Law who are a flashpoint and not necessary except for you to be macho and rub it in our noses; replace the player reps on the Alliance- even though most are very good and decent men, they don't know from suffering, the only retirees they ever see are at fancy golf tourneys and banquets; and they have NO idea that almost ALL retirees don't live that lifestyle. You and the Alliance, and the new hopeful voting members of retirement board need to get yourselves dirty and visit and spend time with the men and their wives who are struggling to survive day to day. these meetings are fine, thank you for holding them, but the guys you need to see and hear from are not the guys who can physically or financially attend your fancy meetings. the problems are very real and dramatic- and life altering. Please make these changes, let's get a fresh start and all work together, start pushing in the same direction instead of against each other. thank you




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