Dignity After Football is the organization whose purpose is to help guide and resolve the problems found in the lack of benefits, disability claims, same years for vesting across the board (3), and pension of the NFL. Educating our youth and youth sports coaches on dangers of head injuries.



Currently, Congress and the government action agencies are requiring the NFL to comply with resolving the benefits and pensions program that has serious flaws in their process to support disabled and retired players.





July 21, 2011


Dear Retired NFL Players:
We NFL Hall of Famers support the work being done by the Hausfeld LLP and Zelle
Hofmann law firms on behalf of NFL retired players through the Carl Eller Class Action suit
against the League and Players Association. Please review and sign the attached letter of
support. We need to send the League and the Players Association a unified message! Please do
your part to help secure needed increases to retiree rights and benefits.
Hall of Famers who are in Support:
1. Lem Barney
2. Joe Delamielleure
3. Larry Little
4. Fred Dean
5. Lenny Moore
6. Roger Wehrli
7. Kenny Houston
8. Yale Larry
9. Bob St. Clair
10. Mel Renfroe
11. Gino Marchetti
12. Bobby Mitchell
13. Rayfield Wright
14. Floyd Little
15. Charlie Taylor
16. Sonny Jergenson
17. Dave Wilcox
18. Tommy McDonald
19. Ted Hendricks
20. Anthony Munoz
21. Billy Shaw
22. Chris Hanburger
23. Mel Renfro
24. Leroy Kelly
25. Sam Huff
26. Art Shell
27. Bobby Bell
28. Charlie Sanders
29. Tom Mack
30. Paul Krause
31. Elvin Bethea
32. Carl Eller
33. Franco Harris
34. Marcus Allen
35. James Lofton
36. Steve Largent
37. Mike Haynes
38. Pete Pihos
39. John Riggins
40. Roger Staubach
41. Randall McDaniel
42. Chuck Bednarik
43. Jackie Smith
44. Tom Mack
45. Warren Moon
46. Ron Mix
47. Herb Adderley
48. Ron Yary
49. Jack Youngblood
50. Jim Langer
51. John Randle
52. Eric Dickerson
53. John Hannah
54. Earl Campbell





  I am a retired player in the National Football League ("NFL"). I understand that the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           National Football League PlayeI am a retired player in the National Football League ("NFL"). I understand that the
National Football League Players Association ("NFLPA") is reconstituting itself as a union and
plans to commence collective bargaining negotiations with the NFL that will include matters
relating to already retired NFL players. I also understand that recently Jim Brown, Gale Sayers,
and several other notable NFL Hall of Famers have been outspoken about the NFLPA's failure to
advocate effectively for retired players.
[I hereby advise both the NFL and NFLPA that] I do not consent to the NFLPA
bargaining any retiree rights on my behalf. I also do not authorize the NFLPA to act on my
behalf with regard to the implementation of any retirement benefits to which I am or may be

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