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Currently, Congress and the government action agencies are requiring the NFL to comply with resolving the benefits and pensions program that has serious flaws in their process to support disabled and retired players.

March 21, 2011

from Joe Delameliuerre



for current players

Current players no longer have to deal with the following:

 1) AstroTurf 

2) the “wedge” 

3) head slap 

4) head to head contact 

5) hits to the quarterback 

6) “bump and run” 

7) chop block

8 ) horse collar and neck tie tackles

9) contact for the long snapper 

10) 4-6 weeks of “doubles” in training camp…w/pads 

11) $99.00 per week total for preseason, training, and games 

12) $1,500.00 to the winner of the Pro Bowl…loser got $1,250.00 

13) No compensation for use of image

Current players are well compensated for games, off season workouts, the use of their image…..and $500 million in annual benefit costs for players vested in the Second Career Savings Plan, Annuity Plan, Health Reimbursement Account, Tuition Assistance, Performance Based Pay, five years of free medical after retiring…and the list goes on.  

This didn’t just happen. They are more than well compensated because of the players that came before them that are the foundation of the league. They are watched closely when a concussion is suspected, while we were sent right back into the game. Former players have died to make it safer for current players. Sure, we played the game because we loved it but we didn’t risk our health to make this generation of players wealthy.  

I am honored to be a Pro Football Hall of Famer, class of 2003. At the inductions every year I get to enjoy the company of the great players of the game. Some don’t even get $200.00 per month in their pensions. We have a fund for destitute Hall of Famers. This is wrong. Other sports have chosen to give dignity and respect to their retired players by giving them a livable pension. The MLB, the NBA, and the NHL have raised pensions for retired players and yet the NFL remains the most lucrative league in the world with sub-poverty pensions for retired players. 

Vested retired players have earned a livable pension and should receive compensation yearly at least equal to the minimum amount current players get yearly for the use of their images. Why shouldn’t a vested retired player receive $10,000 a year per season played in the NFL? This would give dignity to retired players and take the burden from their families for their care as they age. Put a stop to the “delay, deny, and hope they die” tactics that have gone on too long. 

Help us. We certainly helped owners and player alike. The league was built on our backs. With 9 Billion + dollars……… figure it out.  

Make it right, 

Joe D

HOF 2003


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