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Jan. 18, 2009

McElhenny and Arnett

2 of the biggest legends ever to play tell of Goodell

and his false, uncaring "act"

here is the original as sent to Boyd by Arnett, McElhenny, and finally also sent to him by Carl Brettschneider (unfortunately, some good friends of mine would rather steal homework from the brain damaged guy and call it their own , then to put the work in to actually write their own story :(-

Hey, do your own work, don't steal mine!! not cool, not funny....

(just kidding guys, at least people got to read this--just don't ever copy from me again!

Or,if you don't want to put the work in, don't try to have a website or blog!)

thank you SO much Carl Brettschneider, you are the greatest

Read the ORIGINAL here  - always at DAF!

GREAT, insightful comments by two legends, Jon Arnett and Hugh McElhenny- I hope you all read it one way or another

Thanks to Hugh and Jon, AND Carl Brettschneider  for sharing their thoughts

Jan. 19, 2009

Fellow NFL retirees, current players , and your wives,

I have been asked by Carl Brettschneider to forward a letter from"Jaguar" Jon Arnett. Because Arnett's letter is in reference to a letter written by the legendary Hall of Famer "The King" Hugh McElhenny- one of the TRUE building blocks of the NFL, I have inserted McElhenny's original letter for your information..   this following quote is from the Pro Football Hall of Fame website:    http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/member.jsp?player_id=148  

"Hugh McElhenny was to pro football in the 1950s and early 1960s what Elvis Presley was to rock and roll. Known as “The King” (McElhenny that is), he had it all. He was an artist whose electrifying moves left opponents and observers spellbound.
Considered the greatest “thrill runner” of his day, McElhenny ran with a tremendously long stride and high knee action. His breakaway speed and unique ability to change direction at will left defenders dazed and confused.: (end Hall of Fame quote)  

the point is, one of the greatest players EVER wrote to our Smiling God, commissioner Goodell, exactly one week after the Senate Commerce hearing in 2007...today, some 16 months later, even this bigger than life man who built the NFL's popularity cannot get a response from Goodell. Below are the correspondences  

Thanks, Brent Boyd



_____________PS- please visit the Arnett's website at www.therpaa.com _____________________________________________________________________________________

here is Hugh McElhenny's letter to Goodell---
September  25, 2007

Roger Goodell
National Football League
410 Park Avenue
New York,NY  10022

Commissioner Goodell,

My name is Hugh McElhenny.  I played in the NFL for thirteen years and was
inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1970.

You could, with one decision become a commissioner who could stop all of the bad
publicity with the retired players.

If you check to see the number of players that are still alive who played
before 1959, you would see it is a very small number.  These are the oldest
players, most are over 70 years old and their average salary was less than
$10,000 a year.  Players such as Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas, Y. A. Tittle, Bart
Starr, Joe Schmidt and others were responsible for the future success of the

Most people think all retired NFL players are rich.  This is not the case with
the pre 1959 players, many in bad health.  Other Hall of Fame players like
Willie Wood and Herb Adderly are getting very little pension benefits.

I understand you want to reopen the players collective bargaining agreement.
If this is possible and you would increase the pre 59'ers $700 a month, this
woud give players like Wood and Adderly $8,400 per year.

Two other things this would accomplish:
One:  By receiving this money, there would be fewer players who would be in
dire need of help.
Two:  Most of the pre 1959 players are in their 70's. 80's and
90's.  Therefore it is unlikely that the retirement payments would last for
a lengthy time.

Putting six ex players on the Disability Committee is a great idea and if you
increase the monthly pensions for pre 1959 players, it would go a long way in
helping the NFL image.

You would be a commissioner whom the retired players would respect and trust
and as someone who would represent everyone connected with the National Football

Hugh McElhenny

I will anxiously be waiting for your reply.
(end of McElhenny's letter)

__________________________________________________________________________________   next, below, is the comments from another legend and one of the strongest,
 most active advocates for the rights and dignity of NFL retirees,
my friend Jon Arnett
( more recently known not just as a football legend,
but as the husband of another great advocate, Jane Arnett!)

Jon Arnett's letter follows below-----
  Jan. 10, 2009

Carl and  Pat,
If the Commissioner will not answer the Great Hugh McElhenney, who will he answer...no one unless it is one of the NFL/NFLPA sycophants on their payroll of some type.  You will see who these people are at the January 14 meeting/PR function in Newport Beach.

I believe there is only one way to get their attention and that is through pressure from the US Congress in evaluation of their Anti Trust Exemption.  We need to start a movement to contact our individual Congressmen and Senators State by State.  As of now, they have the rights to act like the old "mob" such as "we'll operate the way we want and you have no rights to see how that is"...lack of transparency status.  These meetings, such as the Wednesday meeting at the Newport Hall of Fame, are PR tactics to show how they care...Roger Goodell does not even respond to one of the Greatest!  How much is he making because of what Hugh, and his generation, accomplished?  I'll guarantee you that Roger and his staff never took the ball off tackle, but they are remunerated greatly by those that did and now are forgotten.

If you care to, I have written my historical recount of how we of the "older retirees" evolved into this situation.  It's rather long, but you might find it interesting...from my personal perspective.    It is on the www.therpaa.com under Letter by Jon Arnett - Founder.

Good luck to us all!     Jon   




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