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Currently, Congress and the government action agencies are requiring the NFL to comply with resolving the benefits and pensions program that has serious flaws in their process to support disabled and retired players.


July 2, 2009


Below read Ed White's astute

Bettering NFL Veterans and future Veterans futures


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Today, BIG ED WHITE follows JOE KAPP's letter of a few days ago

here, from Ed White,  is today's thoughts...thanks Ed!


Bettering NFL Veterans and future Veterans futures:

by Ed White


Bettering NFL Veterans and future Veterans futures:

I think it is fantastic that your comments after meeting the new NFLPA Executive Director were so positive. That brings us hope. I also felt a positive aura at the meeting this winter in Orange County with Mr. Godell. But like the new STIMULUS PACKAGE for our country, when it's all said and done, where is the stimulus? I can't find a soul that is being stimulated! I think we have a long hard road ahead. We need be cautious; talking about what can be done and acting on these thoughts are two different things.

Joe Kapp has been fighting this battle since 1969. His efforts were for the rights of the players that would follow him into this game. Joe's reward for his sacrifices are knowing that he helped reshape how players would be treated from that point forward. Every player that has ever supported a strike, the loss of income for all the weeks that he sat out is never made up. It is the sacrifice that we choose to make for the betterment of the future player.

In this new battle we can have a loud voice and results that will impact the player his entire life, not feeling disconnected when his athletic talents are sucked from him. I think that we have to be solidly together to have a chance to win a better future.

We must have the current player's support. He has to see through the spotlights to a world without the game. He needs to reflect and visualize himself in that place. He may not like it, but he needs to voice his support because he will inevitably be one of us sooner than he thinks! He needs to return the favor and sacrifice for us, which in reality is sacrificing for himself and his imminent future.

Old guys, we have to be together. Leave your egos at the door. All the BS that tears us apart is exactly what the other side wants. DIVISION! There are very bright guys with the desire and energy that need to join forces and get this team going and on the same page. Don't worry about who gets the credit or what we are called. Who cares what they call us. Let's come together, there can only be one WINNING team.

We are born players and we will die players. We should not have the horrific adjustments that come when you are swept out the door. A small portion of the dollars that are being stuffed into the pockets of a few, would change the way many of the old timers are living out their lives. Which in some cases is horrible.

Let's all pull this wagon the same direction with the same effort and it will make a difference in all of our futures.





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