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Bernie's letter follows----

Subject: Eric Holder and his Covington & Burling lawfirm are integrated partners, as well as tools of the NFL's white collar criminal defense strategy.

Sen. Leahy has been a Hero of mine for many years and I hate to oppose him on the appointment of Eric Holder's to be Attorney General. I am not afraid that Holder will act as the President's counsel, I would in fact welcome that after what we have just come through under Gonzales et al. I am afraid he will continue to be a Covington & Burling attorney and the NFL's owner's counsel.   Eric Holder has protected the NFL's illicit symbiotic relationship with Organized Crimes $80 Billion to $380 Billion a year bookmaking operations. This position of Holder is demonstrated in the NFL's hiring of him to cover up and down to protect gambling operations that threatened to become a national issue because of Michael Vick's funding of a dog fighting operation. Gambling is the only real reason for dog fighting and despite Holder's cover up Vick was involved in it. Holder's NFL connection's include him in the corrupt operations of the NFL including their abusive anti-trust exemptions which he personally increased last year obtaining a ruling for NFL owners that the NFL can market paraphernalia as a single business entity, This is another abuse of the anti-trust laws indulging the advantageous anti-trust position the NFL owners already enjoy and in fact prosper from. Holder seems to believe the rich should get richer in spite of the anti-trust laws. Since the NFL is extremely profitable without that exemption it was simply an indulgence of another rich greedy corrupt client of his law firm Covington & Burling where he specialized in defending high profile white collar criminals while abusing small business owners. Covington & Burling "merchants of death business model" was developed for covering up the cancer health issues caused by Philip Morris and other tobacco companies and Holder's Covington & Burling firm has installed it in the NFL to cover up the player injury and disability issues of the most dangerous profession in the nation. This Covington & Burling business model  is a part of Holder's expertise of defending white collar criminals. 

  Holder bought the Attorney General's position by delivering NFL owner Dan Rooney's endorsement and financial support to President elect Barrack Obama. I support and voted for Mr. Obama and one of my sons caucused for him. It is his appoint I disapprove of not President Obama.  

The NFL is in the majority of retired player's opinions a corrupt partner of the corrupt NFLPA who just lost a class action case to us in federal court that awarded $28.1 million including $21 million in punitive damages for in the jury's words "malicious and oppressive conduct with evil motive and conduct that was outrageous and grossly fraudulent" treatment of retired NFL players. In plain language cheating them out of royalties from EA-Madden Video games while paying Madden $100,000,000 in royalties and the retired players used in the Madden games are paid $0, nada, zero, nothing.   

I researched, initiated, organized, and orchestrated this retired players lawsuit, from hiring the lawyers Ron Katz of Manatt Phelps and Lew LeClair of McKool Smith as prestigious as any law firms Holder ever worked for. I also selected the Class representatives and the witnesses in the case. Of 2,062 retired players ask to participate only 12 opted out which shows the overwhelming support I have among retired players. The average opt out rate for any class action suit is 20% not half of of 1%.  

Mr. Holder will be headed back to Covington & Burling and the NFL after his term as Attorney General and I fear he will be ingratiating himself to them as Attorney General which makes him an adversary of retired and disabled retired NFL players and the public. He has not demonstrated any ability to be independent in his legal career and has demonstrated a kiss up to wealth and power weakness. The retired and disabled NFL players do not want Eric Holder to be Attorney General they would much prefer Rep. John Conyers.  

Holder is one of a cadre of awed athletic supporter sniffing willing servants to professional sports in America. Too many of this undermining wannabe fraternity are in government. The many disarming intended mentions of basketball between he and Obama are not cute appealing sidelights they are a window into a dangerous legal problem and legitimizing sports abuses of anti trust laws and symbiotic gambling associations.    

The NFL is a dangerous method of compromising America's law enforcement and political community's. $42,000+ (one year) of well placed Super Bowl tickets can accomplish wonders for the NFL especially when the NFL owners and union appointees to the Retirement Plan's Retirement Board cannot remember and have no record of who they gave those Super Bowl tickets to while the Dept of Labor chose not to pursue the issue. The NFL Commissioner is the Chairman of the Retirement Board that operates the NFL's illegal deliberately abusive "Delay, Deny, and Hope they Die" policies and he hasn't been held accountable for the $42,000+ of Super Bowl tickets either. Neither has he or his NFL owner bosses been held accountable for the arbitrary and capricious treatment of retired and disabled retired players or the communities who build them stadiums or the fans who pay to watch them on TV and pay outrageous prices for tickets and rights to someday buy tickets and anti-trust exempted price inflated paraphernalia which Eric Holder is directly responsible for. I oppose Eric Holder's appointment to be Attorney General of the United States of America.  

If ever there was a group of arrogant white collar Covington & Burling-Eric Holder clients who need defending it is the management of the "oppressive...evil motive...grossly fraudulant" NFLPA and their owner "partners" as another Covington & Burling's Partner Paul Tagliabue calls the NFL owners and management. Tagliabue was brought out of retirement to rescue their new PR double talking Commissioner. They could just as well have designated him as "The Wizard of Oz" the guy rattling around behind his Dumb Blond curtain in half baked Fair and Balanced myth's perpitrated under the "merchants of death business model."  

The retired NFL players do not want Eric Holder confirmed as Attorney General.  

Bernie Parrish,

Retired Players Advocate 


(end letter)

followed by this letter---

I should have noted in my previous email that a congressional staffer warned me that if I say what I think about the Eric Holder-NFL situation that the Secret Service will be at my door. These comments from a Federal DC judge in 2006 help to substantiate the ligitimacy of my concerns.  Bernie Parrish  202-386-6400

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D.C. Federal Judge Slams Lawyers (Covington & Burling & others) for Role in Hiding Tobacco Health Risks 


Emma Schwartz
Legal Times
August 22, 2006


Judge Gladys Kessler's scorn for the tobacco industry was evident in her 1,742-page opinion last week, which found that nine cigarette manufacturers and two trade groups had conspired to hide the truth about smoking's adverse health consequences for more than 50 years.


Her wrath, though, was directed not only at company executives at the forefront of the multibillion-dollar tobacco industry but also at the lawyers she said aided the decades-long project to illegally shade the industry from scrutiny.


"At every stage, lawyers played an absolutely central role in the creation and perpetuation of the Enterprise and the implementation of its fraudulent schemes," the D.C. federal judge wrote. She pointed to how both in-house counsel and outside law firms "devised" and "coordinated" strategy, directed scientists' research in favor of the industry, destroyed documents and "took shelter behind baseless assertions of attorney client privilege."


Although the majority of the incidents of lawyers' malfeasance took place decades ago, some of the wrongdoing appeared to continue into the most recent case, which was brought by the Justice Department in 1999. As recently as 2004, Kessler disqualified Neil Koslowe of Shearman & Sterling from representing British American Tobacco Services because he had been involved in the government's case as a lawyer for the Justice Department.


While the tobacco industry will have to funnel millions into reworking its marketing schemes, lawyers may find themselves under further scrutiny if people injured by the companies decide to file suit. "Any time you see such a strongly worded opinion, that tends to capture the attention of the plaintiffs bar," says Kevin Rosen, head of the legal malpractice group at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. But, Rosen added, in the same way that some law firms were immediately dismissed from liability in the Enron litigation while others faced steep penalties, the outcome of any subsequent suits could vary widely.

Numerous lawyers and firms aided the tobacco industry over the years, but Kessler's opinion highlighted three firms in particular: Covington & Burling; Jacob, Medinger & Finnegan; and Shook, Hardy & Bacon.


One of the law firms' key roles was running the Tobacco Institute, a trade association that sought to cast doubt on the scientific relationship between smoking and disease. Shook Hardy and "particularly Covington & Burling became the guiding strategist for the Enterprise and were deeply involved in implementation of those strategies once adopted," Kessler wrote. Covington, led by partner John Rupp (now the managing partner of the firm's London office), reviewed agenda proposals before they were sent to the institute's member companies, and Covington "cleared press releases issued by the Tobacco Institute," Kessler wrote.


Kessler specifically noted the misconduct of Robert Northrip of Shook Hardy, who would "normally bill either three or four tobacco companies" for his time at one meeting for the institute.


Both firms denied any wrongdoing. "We believe that our firm acted appropriately and played a legitimate role as advocates for our clients," Covington said in a statement.

John Murphy, chairman of Shook Hardy, declined to give any specific comment on Kessler's ruling but said his firm "represents each and every one of our clients in an ethical manner."


Attorneys also played a key role in the Council for Tobacco Research, where they pushed funding for projects hoping "to obtain and develop witnesses favorable to Defendants for testimony before Congress and other regulatory bodies, for use in litigation and for support of industry public statements," wrote Kessler.


In the 1960s this effort included input from major firms, including Chadbourne & Parke; White & Case; Davis, Polk & Wardell; and Shook Hardy.


Lawyers also were involved in suppressing scientific research and destroying documents that were adverse to the companies' public and litigation positions.


In 1983, for instance, R.J. Reynolds decided to "remove Council for Tobacco Research and related smoking and health materials from our premises for legal reason," Kessler quoted from a company document. The materials were sent to Jacob Medinger. Similarly, in 1985, British American Tobacco Co. sent "contentious" research reports to Robert Maddox, an attorney in Louisville, Ky.


In short, Kessler saw the lawyers' (Covington & Burling) involvement as "a sad and disquieting chapter in the history of an honorable and often courageous profession."

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