Dignity After Football is the organization whose purpose is to help guide and resolve the problems found in the benefits, disabilities, and pension organization of the NFL.
Currently, Congress and the government action agencies are requiring the NFL to comply with resolving the benefits and pensions program that has serious flaws in their process to support disabled and retired players.


July 10, 2009

Dignity After Football continues

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Founder & President
African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame


Halll of Fame president Arif Khatib, (left) seen receiving Ambassador for Peace Award in New York



To Dignity After Football:


I have been asked by Brent Boyd to write a letter to express my feelings about the injustice regarding the retired players effort to correct a wrong from the past.  

Although I am not a retried football player (I played basketball in the 50s/60s barnstorming with AAU teams), I have understood, watch and enjoyed these football players for many years. I congratulate these players for their modest success to this point in their effort to bring justice to the players who made the NFL.  

Although they can't force the NFL Players Association or the NFL to do anything, they can at least let them know what matters to them, and holding the owners accountable and to some extend, responsible for the lack of support for these players. I'm hopeful that the current players will listen and it is my greatest hope that the retired players can succeed by telling them how they feel.  

Now obviously, there is a difference between listening and acting, so it's natural that this be one of the criteria for hopefully correcting what should have been corrected a long time ago. It's the right thing to do for the players who made the league what it is today.  

And most regrettably, those who have passed away before they could have enjoyed the last of their lives in peace is shameful.  These are some of the trailblazers and forgotten heroes who are being virtually ignored by those who could make the difference in whether they live with dignity or not.. 

By now their stories of suffering are well documented: If that much is not a mystery, what does remain inexplicable is the absence of social, ethical and common decency for these players.  

The quest to seal a legacy as more than just "football" players is seen in the neglect of these players and their unseen ailments likely caused by their playing football. That they are remembered but not respected is wrong and can and must be corrected. We here at the Hall of Fame (www.afrosportshall.com) have done our part to give them their due respect by inducting over 25 retired NFL players into our Hall of Fame. At least they can say proudly, "I am an Hall of Famer."  

These players packed the stadium and player for a fraction of what the current players are receiving. I want to and will always remember these players. I hope them much success in the quest for dignity, respect and financial support from those who owe this just debt.  

Sincerely and much respect,  

Arif Khatib
Founder & President
African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame
Global Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame
African American Sports Magazine
PO Box 6363
Oakland, CA 94603

"Trying to bring pleasure to someone because of the pleasure you feel in that person's pleasure is perhaps the most beautiful demonstration of love."--Arif Khatib

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